The COVID-19 crisis has drastically changed the way we live today. These are times of uncertainty and we do not know what will happen tomorrow. This can significantly increase stress and anxiety. If you are in your period of recovery it may be even more daunting to live in this age of social distancing. We at Compass Clinic understand and recognize your problems and we want to make sure that you stay connected during this difficult time with your friends and family so that loneliness does not affect your recovery process.

In this post, we have brought to you some information on how you can battle anxiety and stress in times of social distancing.  Here are some tips.


1. Make sure that your physical, mental and spiritual health is always a priority

This is something that each one of us can undertake to make sure that we remain mindful of these scary times. Quality sleep and meditation is something that will help in this. We also encourage mindful eating and not staying up late. It is also a wonderful time to reconnect with your family members and we encourage you to find ways to get closer to them.


2. Create a strong routine

Maintain a strict routine is one of the ideal ways to balance a sense of control. Routines offer purpose and structure to the day and distract the mind. Having a structured day, like waking up at the same time, eating three meals, and exercising routinely, can decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety.


3. Keep your support system on Speed Dial

Owing to the technology of today’s time, there are many ways to connect to people via face time and web calls even if we cannot possibly meet them. We recommend that you stay connected to people that you trust and love via phone calls and video calls. Make sure that you identify the people that build your support system and make sure you keep speaking to them as in when you feel anxious.


4. Never forget your sense of humor

Even in grave times, one of the best medicines is that you must never lose your sense of humor. It is the best way to tackle anxiety. Humour makes sure that you gain a newer perspective on various situations.


5. Make sure you are mindful of your behavior

It is very important that you are careful about how you behave and make sure to make amends when you go amok. Feeling down is also something that you can tackle but only after you’ve identified the source of the problem. At the same time never be scared to ask for help from those who love you and wish for your recovery.


6. Identify steps you can take each day

Most of us inadvertently will tend to numb ourselves out during this difficult time. That is not something that will facilitate your recovery process and we want to make sure that isn’t the case. Make sure that you identify some cogent steps like reading, journaling, knitting, and cooking that while leading to personal growth also keeps you connected and happy.


We at Compass Clinic, Oklahoma, Texas have a team of very professional trained experts who work tirelessly to make sure that your recovery process is not hampered by the ongoing pandemic. We want to make sure that you get the help and support that you may require sailing smoothly through these times.

If you are struggling and want to make a healthy change, you can either speak to our experts or book an appointment with us. We also offer in-person treatment within the confines of your home.