Recent times are daunting and uncertain and this uncertainty can often lead to many of us feeling anxious about the future. We at Compass Clinic understand that people and families today are going through one of the most challenging times in our history and to battle the same with a sense of courage and optimism we have brought to you in this post seven recovery tools that can benefit you and your family.

We want to make sure that we tackle various mental health disorders in a way of enabling the individual to make the right decisions during this pandemic. Here are a few recovery tools that you can undertake to take care of yourself.


  1. Don’t overexert yourself, take one day at a time

When undergoing recovery, one may feel tired and anxious and it may get difficult to get on with the activities of the day. In these circumstances, it is essential that you make sure that as a part of your recovery you do not overexert yourself. Remember that you have to take one day at a time and more so even more hours at the time so that going through the day is easy. Being calm will definitely help you to get your work done in a more peaceful manner.


  1. Set boundaries that keep you from getting tired

It is unwise during recovery to keep up with the fight or flight body response. If you feel overexerted or exhausted you may be doing things hastily. To battle this and overcome the feelings of anxiousness and to feel more focused we recommend that you set realistic boundaries that keep you from getting too tired.


  1. Find a support system in your family and friends

This is something that each one of us can start with. When going through the recovery space it is important for one to build a strong support system in your family and friends. A tribe will help you overcome moroseness.


  1. Make sure you have gratitude

We have observed that one of the best ways to tackle feeling depressed is to practice gratitude. Even in dark times, one can always find things to be grateful for. These things may include the smallest of events like spending some time with family or eating your favorite foods.


  1. It is all right to be uncomfortable at times

This is where being mindful comes to play. One has to recognize that it is all right to be uncomfortable sometimes. Knowing that you are uncomfortable will enable you to make sure that you find ways to tackle it.


  1. Make a healthy schedule

If you are undergoing recovery from active addiction, you must make sure that you make a healthy and balanced schedule. The lack of a proper routine may leave you feeling worse than you already are. Engage in relaxing hobbies when anxious such as reading an enjoyable book, taking a hot bath, or even spending time with your pet.


  1. Learn to enjoy life at a slower pace

The COVID-19 crisis has made us realize one thing for sure, one has to learn to enjoy life at a slower pace. Remember to take regular breaks and enjoy the little things in life. This is the best time for holistic practices like mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and more to ease your mind when you feel chaos.


We at Compass Clinic, Oklahoma & Texas make sure that we find creative ways to manage withdrawal systems and provide a better way to defeat addiction.

If you are struggling and want to make a healthy change, you can either speak to our experts or book an appointment with us. We also offer in-person treatment within the confines of your home.