Compass Clinic, an outpatient opioid and drug treatment center, opened a new Springfield location to help combat Missouri’s opioid addiction crisis.

More than 60,000 Americans died from drug overdoses last year.  Prescription opioids and fentanyl related deaths make up approximately 48,000 of those deaths.  Missouri’s opioid related death rate continues to rise by nearly 30 percent each year.  Many police departments now carry opioid overdose antidotes.

In 2017, Missouri became the country’s last state to implement a system for tracking painkiller prescriptions.  An executive order, signed by Governor Eric Greitens, created a multi-phase monitoring program that tracks the issuance of painkillers and other substances to patients.  Greitens describes Missouri’s opioid crisis a “modern plague”.  He also states “There’s no single program, or law, or executive order that can fix this crisis,” Greitens said in a statement. “This program is a step — and it’s a big step.”

Under the new executive order, the health department investigates abusive activity related to substances being inappropriately obtained, dispensed, or prescribed.  However, many state representatives and organizations feel that more needs to be done about access to addiction treatment services, despite the efforts toward prevention measures.

Substance abuse or dependence continually goes undiagnosed for millions of Americans.  Those who can benefit from treatment are experiencing tough barriers to seeking and getting the help needed.

“Different addiction treatment cost options and approaches are needed during this opioid crisis”, says Dr. Brett Cauthen of Compass Clinic.  The recent efforts to prevent opioid addiction identify the concerns of the community but more is required.

Access to treatment options and community collaboration provides a proactive approach toward a successful long-term plan.  Compass Clinic now offers services in Springfield Missouri, after successful outcomes with the Texas and Oklahoma clinics.

“People suffering from drug addiction often struggle to find qualified, individualized medical treatment -and that is what we are here to provide”, says Dr. Cauthen.     

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